Cyber Insurance for the Digital Age.

Protect Your Assets, Data, and Online Reputation.

Cybercrime is a growing threat, and it doesn’t only affect large enterprises. In 2016, Symantec reported that 43% of all cyberattacks were targeted against small businesses. As more companies move from offline to online and rely on integrated digital tools, the risks continue to increase.

If you store any confidential information online, including passwords, credit card data, addresses, or emails, you need to be prepared for a cyberattack. Government regulators have also raised the stakes with strict privacy requirements, fines, and penalties. Can you afford the risk of escalating claim costs?

Protect your reputation, data, digital assets, and electronic equipment with comprehensive cyber insurance.

Did you know? Your business is 9x more likely to suffer losses from a cyberattack than a fire! Fire insurance is universal, but cyber liability still goes largely unprotected.

Simple Solutions for Complex Coverage

Cyber policies are dynamic, and many insurance companies are expanding their policies to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. Some insurance carriers offer limited cyber coverage with riders and endorsements, but it may not be enough.

Zavano Insurance can help you find the right level of coverage to match your company’s size, digital presence, and level of risk. Start exploring your coverage options:

Cyber Protection – A Personalized Approach

Our team of insurance experts will research and find the best cyber coverage for you. We work on your behalf to ensure that you are fully covered with a policy that you can trust.

Robo-quote questionnaires don’t cut it! Talk to a real person, get one-on-one support, and walk away with a competitive, comprehensive quote.

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  • Privacy Notification and Crisis Management Expense Coverage

    Direct Coverage to help mitigate and contain a data breach, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

    • Computer Forensics Costs
    • Public Relations and Crisis Management Assistance
    • Setting up a Call Centre, which allows customers to learn details about the breach
    • Notification Costs

    Credit & Identity monitoring for affected customers


  • Network Security Coverage

    Security Wrongful Act coverage for actual or alleged damages resulting from:


    • Theft, alteration, destruction or unauthorized release of Electronic Data
    • Unauthorized access or use of the company’s computer system
    • the company’s computer system being used in a Denial of Service Attack directed against a third party’s computer system.
    • The transmission of malicious code from the company’s computer system to a third party’s computer system


  • Regulatory Defense & Penalties Coverage

    This section provides coverage for interactions with Provincial and Federal regulators, which includes legal defense costs required due to regulatory actions, fines, and penalties.

  • Business Interruption

    Coverage to protect against loss of income due to a covered cyber breach.

  • Payment Card Industry Fines and Assessments

    Coverage for fines and penalties against your company due to non-compliance or breach of PCI data security standards.

  • Privacy Liability

    Third party claims brought against your business for alleged or actual privacy violations.

  • Data Asset Coverage

    Coverage for the restoration and recovery of lost data due to a cyber breach.

  • Cyber Extortion Coverage

    After a cyber breach, coverage for computer-aided extortion and ransom demands.

  • Social Engineering/Fraudulent Instruction Coverage

    Coverage for losses that result from the fraudulent transfer of funds in direct response to a social engineering communication.

  • Bricking

    Replacing parts of your physical computer systems that are not damaged but corrupted, destroyed or altered as a direct result of a security failure

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    Why does it matter to choose the right insurance?

    Whether price is the top priority for you, or you’re willing to invest a little more for top-notch service and peace of mind, the ‘right insurance’ really comes down to what’s right for you. At the very least, it’s essential that your insurance coverage fits all of the people, things, and places that you love most. Robo-quotes rarely collect enough information to get a complete picture, but our team members will write a quote for you that truly fits your needs.

    Like all service industries, some providers are better than others, and the cheapest package doesn’t always live up to expectations. Let us do the shopping for you, and we’ll help you find the perfect policy at the right price. Insurance is for your protection, and it’s important to think for the future. The ‘what if’ moments in life do happen, and when they do, that’s when the right insurance truly shines.

    Do I need insurance?

    Yes, because accidents happen. When disaster strikes, you need a partner on your side to help you pick up the pieces. Buying insurance and shopping for a policy doesn’t mean that you have to focus on the negatives or fear for the future, but you should be pragmatic and prepared. Comprehensive coverage protects you against the risk of future loss and financial ruin.

    Many people only buy insurance when it’s legally required, but we believe in planning for the future. We can help you create a safety net for the life that you’re building and protect what you love with insurance from a quality provider.

    How do I choose the right insurance brokerage?

    An insurance broker has special training and industry insights to help you find the right insurance. Some shoppers are keen to cut out the middle man, but policies are actually cheaper, on average, through a broker compared to direct-sales pricing. While many companies are investing in AI programs to draft quick quotes and then hire brokers to clean up mistakes, Zavano works differently. Make sure to choose an independent broker who can help you compare quotes and shop policies from different companies. Plus, it’s important to find a team that truly listens to your needs in order to deliver a unique solution.

    Why can’t I get my insurance quote online?

    Well, you can – but do you really want to? The industry has shifted toward ultra-quick quotes from chat bots and questionnaires, but that has also led to a big rise in misquoting. When all you can see is a price, it’s difficult to compare and make the right choice. Summary comparison charts and price-matching don’t factor in the little details that matter most. How do you judge the quality of service and coverage that you’ll receive in case of an emergency?

    Insurance is your safety net for the future, and we’re committed to delivering peace of mind. By working directly with an insurance agent, we can help you understand your policy and make an informed decision. The risk of under-insuring (or over-insuring!) is eliminated with Zavano. We’ll talk with you directly to understand your needs, then create a competitive policy to match.

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